S. No.


Conventional System

Bioremediation Method



Less by 30 % Minimum


Frequent Disposal due to partial Degradation – Harmful matter

1/10th Of the same – Harmless Waste for manure.

Operating costs

High when compared

Less by 40 – 60 % Depending upon the Size of the Plant.


Experienced Personnel Required.

Very Simple to maintain.


Odour is prevalent.

Eliminates Odour in the Plant


Fixed – cannot be moved / changed-The quality of air is not ensured.

Can be rotated to any direction. Sucks air from atmosphere and blows in pure air.

Filter Tank

MS – Chances of Corrosion shortly within Couple of years.

FRP – Longer Life for more than ten years


Cow Dung & Urea –

Not the right kind of microorganisms for digestion and hence Lot of Contaminated Sludge Generation & Disposal issues.

Customized Microorganisms from Biotechnology – for Enhanced Degradation, hence Very Less Sludge and No Odour.

Oil & Grease

Affects & Upsets the plant performance

Oil & Grease eating strains are used – No Problem.

Area Required

Extensive – Mostly Above GL

Compact – Completely Underground

Pumping from One tank to another

Frequent and Multiple point pumping.

Natural Gradient – Hence single point pumping

Septic Tank

Some systems require and treat only the Supernatant

Not Required and all Sewage matter can be treated.