(1) LC 007 (Heavy Duty Degreaser)

              LC 007 water soluble heavy duty degreaser, is very active against
heavy duty grime and dirt, inks etc. This is specially suited for cleaning factories, oil
tankers kitchen hoods and oil spillages in car parking areas ,inside oil tankers.
This can be normally diluted with water up to 10 parts for thick layer of

 (2) ELEC 74 (Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser)

           This is a heavy duty solvent degreaser for cleaning electrics and other
surfaces where water cannot be used. Does not react with most surfaces. Does not
act on paints, insulators and rubber. Dielectric strength 20kV. Highly economical,
reduces motor maintenance costs and fire hazards. Increases the life of all electrical
parts and is eco friendly. This does not contain 1-1-1 Trichloro ethaneor
Trichloroethylene. This can be used for Mould Cleaning for removing Oil and Grease.

(3) Solvo Clean 005

  (Deep Cleaning Solvent Degreas with Surfactant
          Most useful for cleaning grease and oil from automobile engines, cylinder
heads and other mechanical parts. Excellent for removing residues of styrene
monomer, oils and wastes from tankers/ containers. Solvoclean separates the oil
clearly. Oil floats on the surface, after removing the oil, solvoclean can be reused
again. Solvoclean can either be used directly or mixed with water to (form an
emulsion) as per the requirement.

 (4) FIN 707(Coil Cleaner)

                       FIN 707 is a unique blend of surfactants and cleaning agents used
primarily for the cleaning of AHUs, FCUs and Radiators Fins cleaning. This Non-acid
coil cleaner is Bio-degradable and is safe to use. The special foaming action brings
the dirt from inside to outside. This can be diluted up to 10 parts with water
depending on the dirt levels in the AHU/FCU and Radiators Fins.
  • 1. ENERGY SAVING_ Experience tells about 30% of electric power can be saved after cleaning dirty coils.
  • 2. Assures proper operating of the system.
  • 3. Avoids sudden shut down of the system. Dirty coils  leads  to  mechanical  damage  to
  •  4.motors/blowers/compressors due to the heavy load.
  • 5. Clean systems provide pleasant  working
environment at reduced electrical cost. Avoids ‘SICK BUILDING
SYNDROME’. The dirty coils are the nests of germs, which over
a period of time lead to diseases to people breathing and
exposed to the polluted air through the air conditioner.
This can be diluted with water up to 10 parts.

(5) ELEC 74 SP (Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser)

         This is a heavy duty solvent degreaser for cleaning automotive parts and other
surfaces where water cannot be used. Does not react with most surfaces. Does not
act on paints,  insulators and rubber. Hazards.  Highly economical, reduces
maintenance costs and time. Increases the life of all  parts and is eco friendly. This
does not contain 1-1-1 Trichloro ethane or Trichloroethylene. This can also be used
for Mould Cleaning and for removing Oil and Grease on most metallic surfaces. Rate
of evaporation is lower than Elec 74.

 (6) DESC 999 (Concentrated Descaling Compound)

   Concentrated decaling compound. Cleans scales, slime, rust and other
sediments. Effective on almost all metal surfaces. Excellent for removing carbonate
scales and also excess concrete from concrete mixing trucks without removing
paints. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces when applied. Highly
This can be diluted in the Ratio of 1:10 with water.

(7) DESC 505 SP (Special Descaler and Cleaner)

             A descaler which does not contain harsh inorganic acids such as
Hydrochloric, Sulphuric or Nitric. Also contains a specially formulated corrosion
inhibitor, hence very safe on most metal surfaces. Fast penetration and dissolution of
scale and rust. Economical, eco-friendly and can be slightly warmed for better
results. Product best suited for stainless steel.
                         Dilution: Can be mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1.

 (8) MetaClean797 (Cleaner and Conditioner for Metal)    

             Meta Clean 797etches the surface of the metal minutely and prepares the
Metal Surface for any protective coating. This has the property of removing all grime,
soil and oxide films. It passivates the surface upon which it acts and can be used in
various temperature ranges.
Meta Clean 797 can be used on almost all metals including Copper, Brass, Bronze,
Lead, Aluminum and Steel.

(9) Nodor (Cleaner and deodorizer)

          Nodor is an excellent cleaner and deodorizer. Does not contain harmful
ingredients. All surfactants used are bio-degradable. Just spray the product on the
surface to be deodorized. Allow few minutes and rinse with water. Highly
economical. Can be diluted upto 8 times with water.

(10) BRILGLOW 55 (Advance Glass Cleaner)

            Excellent glass cleaner. Does not leave any residue. Does not contain any
hazardous solvents. All surfactants present are Biodegradable.
 This can be diluted in the Ratio of 1:20 with water.


Neutral Industrial degreaser enriched with D-Lemonine
    A Neutral industrial degreaser enriched with D-Lemonine - Most useful
in cleaning oils and greases. Foaming property is less, hence can be used    in
cleaning machines. Totally neutral product which contains D-Lemonine. An eco
friendly product. Totally Biodegradable. Highly economical, can be diluted up to 25
parts with water. 

(12) Carboclean

               A product which is unique blend of solvent and surfactant that removes
even hard carbons. Mix carboclean with one third water, shake well and dip the part
from which carbon particals are to be removed wait for few minutes and clean off the
carbon. This is Bio-degradable and eco friendly. Excellent for cleaning carbon from
automotive engines and parts.