Industrial Cleaning and Personal  care
For Hospitals & Hotels
(1) CLEAN 909 (Degreaser Concentrate & Cleaner)
               This is a general purpose cleaner for use on all types of surfaces, glass,
Venetian blinds, painted surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, bus fleet cleaning etc.
All Surfactants used are Bio-degradable.
Dilution   Heavy duty cleaning   :  1:20
                General cleaning         :  1:40
                Glass cleaning           :  1:100 (No Rinsing with water required)

(2) Alclean 23

  (All Purpose Cleaner)
              Alclean effectively cleans any surface, metal, rubber, glass, ss (stainless
steal) and plastic surfaces.  It can be mixed with water up to 25 parts. No
hazardous solvents are present and all surfactants present are bio degradable.

(3) DISIN 3 in 1

              This is a 3 in 1 solution, which CLEANS, DISINFECTS AND DEODORISES
the area.  Contains QA compounds which are good disinfectants. Effective against
broad spectrum of GRAM +ve as well as GRAM -ve bacteria. Also found effective
against AIDS HIV Virus.
Dilution with water: UPTO 1:40 parts for general disinfection and cleaning.
 For heavy dirt use in dilutions of 1:20.

 (4) GENCLEAN 25

   Effective cleaner which does not contain Silicates and Hazardous Solvents
Can be used for mopping, cleaning with Scrubbers. Does not leave any residue after
cleaning. Economical, can be diluted up to 20 parts with Water for regular use. All
Surfactants used are Bio-degradable. Safe to use on almost all surfaces.

(5) SW 2 in 1 (Anti Microbial Skin Cleaner)

                   Safe hand wash fortified with LANOLIN for skin conditioning and
TRICLOSAN for disinfecting. It is smooth and has a powerful cleaning action. SW 2
in 1 does not irritate the skin, contains no alkali. Removes dirt, stain, grime, carbon,
grease, ink, oil etc.
Dilution: Highly economical and can be diluted up to 8 parts with water.

(6) FIN 707(Coil Cleaner)

                       FIN 707 is a unique blend of surfactants and cleaning agents used
primarily for the cleaning of AHUs, FCUs and Radiators Fins cleaning. This Non-acid
coil cleaner is Bio-degradable and is safe to use. The special foaming action brings
the dirt from inside to outside. This can be diluted up to 10 parts with water
depending on the dirt levels in the AHU/FCU and Radiators Fins.
  1.  ENERGY SAVING_ Experience tells about 30% of  electric power can be saved after cleaning dirty coils.
  2.  Assures proper operating of the system.
  3. .Avoids sudden shut down of the system. Dirty coils leads  to  mechanical  damage  to
  4. motors/blowers/compressors due to the heavy load.
  5.  Clean  systems  provide  pleasant  working environment at reduced electrical  cost. Avoids
‘SICK BUILDING SYNDROME’. The dirty coils are the nests of germs, which over a period of time
lead to diseases to people breathing and exposed to the polluted air through the air conditioner.
                         This can be diluted with water up to 10 parts.

(7)RAGAM/THALAM/PALLAVI-Antimicrobial  Room
              It is a 2in1 freshener which not only spreads a lovely fragrance in the room
but also retains the fragrance for a long period. Effective against certain types of
Bacteria. An eco-friendly and safe product. Highly economical and can be diluted
UPTO 30 parts with water. After diluting with water fill the same in hand sprayers for
spraying in corners and other areas.