JDR Garbage recycler is a High-Speed Composting (Fermentation & Drying) System
 which can convert a batch of organic matter or waste into value-added products such as fertilizer or animal feed within 3-4 hour.
The base technology of JDR  is to reproduce the natural circulation system in the machine for short time operation.

The material such as organic waste, food processing waste, sludge etc. are thrown into the reactor, in which would be vacuumed to maintain a certain boiling point. Thus an ideal condition for the high-speed composting is provided  and dehydrate the materials in a short time.


1. Environmental friendly
No microorganisms or bacteria's are locally developed  and all the process will be done under the local condition. That's why it does not produce any environmental problems as the system is totally enclosed .

2. No Waste Water Treatment
Waste water evaporated for use in Cooling Tower and the waste water in Cooling Tower recycle in the machine.

3. Automatic Control System
One push control button. Treatment according to the type of the materials or contents.

4. No Odor Processing
Because the operation is made inside the reactor, no odor will be emitted on the operation.

5. Easy Maintenance
Simple structure of machine. Only motors, pumps and some other rotating device should be maintained.

6.Can be easily setup in residential zones so the garbage doesn't have to be transported over 200km daily..

What kind of materials can JDR treat?

1. Municipal Waste (Mixed or Contaminated Waste)

As long as municipal waste or kitchen/restaurant waste are concerned, the pre-separation of organic and inorganic matter cause to troubles in their waste management.
A verification has been made by  authorized researcher and they found that JDR can convert certain type of mixed/contaminated  waste into quality fertilizer for the part of organic matters separated from the inorganic part of waste.

Mixed waste are just thrown into JDR Recycler

Through the JDR Process in 3-4 hours/batch, 
1) Organic matters are converted into composted powder,
2) Inorganic matters are discharged as they were,
3) Moisture is evaporated through cooling tower.

Inorganic matters and Organic matters are easily separated by screen.

3. Sludge