SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT using microbial ecosystems.

Water is a vital element of our everyday lives and we expect it to be clean and safe.

Why Wastewater Treatment?

Sewage and sulleage is the wastewater released by residences, businesses, industries and community in general.

Pathogens or disease-causing organisms are present in this untreated wastewater. Coli form bacteria are used as an indicator of disease-causing organisms to the mankind.

Each receiving body of water has limits to the amount of pollutants it can receive without degradation.

But once the levels of Pollutants exceed, they mix in the water sources thereby the quality of the Surface water and ground water sources gets contaminated and diseases increase to a larger extent.

Hence, we experience and realize the viral problems and infections during rainy seasons.

The reason being the untreated wastewater generated from the domestic sources gets mixed along with the rain or storm water drains and spreads the viral infections all over – In Water and Air.

The World Health Organization and Scientists confirm that 95 % of the viral infections are due to untreated wastewater generated from house holds.

The untreated wastewater is a breeding station for larvae that create Mosquitoes, Malaria, Dengue and other viral infections where the situation has extended today that the pathogens getting dominated over the beneficial eco systems.

The goal is to provide a suitable an Eco friendly treatment technology and reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from wastewater.

Treatment ProcesS:

In connection with the above, we wish to bring to your kind attention that we offer you a Cost effective and Eco friendly Sewage treatment plant using Microbial Cultures and Innovative treatment systems to ensure quality treated water for reuse or safe disposal.

Natural Biological decomposition / degradation is an on-going process within the environment, carried out by billions of naturally occurring, living micro-organisms that use organic waste matter in the wastewater as their food and energy source.

The goal is to reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from wastewater with the help of microorganisms for the removal of BOD and enhanced degradation.

Hence, innovative treatment technologies are used with tested and selected exogenous microorganisms that are suitable of degrading certain compounds need to be introduced in the system for enhanced degradation of the contaminants.

This solution is referred to as the Augmentation of the right kind of Microorganisms.

Bioremediation is a treatment process that uses naturally occurring Microorganisms such as yeast, fungi or bacteria to degrade Organic compounds into less toxic substances.

The wastewater and the Organic Compounds will be treated using these Bioremediation technologies by providing the required amount of Oxygen levels in the treatment plant.

Microorganisms like Mankind Utilize Oxygen to breakdown the complex Organic compounds in the wastewater into simpler form and reduces the pollutants in the wastewater.

This method of bioremediation technique for cleaning up pollution enhances the same biodegradation processes that occur in nature.

Depending on the wastewater and its contaminants the specialized microbes are formulated accordingly and introduced in the system.

Microorganisms, just like humans, eat and digest organic substances for nutrients and energy.

The microorganisms break down the organic contaminants into harmless by products – mainly carbon dioxide and water.

The Bio products which we use in this treatment plant are the blends of these bacteria that are specially selected for their capability to mineralize a number of organic substances present in the wastewater.

The organisms present in our products exhibit a higher preference for particular organic compounds and have superior remediation capabilities.

Organic pollutants in the wastewater are first liquefied and then converted into Carbon dioxide and water.


We use a Patented and revolutionary Aeration Technology Imported from Italy. This submersible diffused aeration system provides superior Oxygenation by ‘blowing in’ large quantities of Air and dispersing the same in increased depth as Micronised bubbles and enhances the Dissolved oxygen levels in the treatment zone.

The unrivalled results of this system are:

  • Instant Aeration and Perfect Circulation.

  • Oxidizes Sludge and Eliminates Odour.

  • Promotes Biomass Suspension and enhances BOD / COD Reduction.

  • Compact, Light Weight and can be rotated to any direction to eliminate sludge deposits at the bottom of the tank.

  • Silent in Operation.

  • Low Maintenance.

  • Less Power Requirement.

Imported FRP filtration systems will be provided with Single Multiport valve for easy operation and to ensure complete filtration making the water suitable for gardening and toilet flushing. Since the tank is made of FRP there would be no Corrosion effect for Lifetime.

The advantages of this Treatment system are as under:

  • Elimination of Odour.

  • Negligible Amount of Sludge, hence frequent transportation of sludge is avoided.

  • Use of Advanced Imported Systems, hence low power consumption.

  • Low operating costs.

  • Less maintenance.

The treated water can be used for gardening purposes or for safe disposal.


S. No.


Conventional System

Bioremediation Method



Less by 30 % Minimum


Frequent Disposal due to partial Degradation – Harmful matter

1/10th Of the same – Harmless Waste for manure.

Operating costs

High when compared

Less by 40 – 60 % Depending upon the Size of the Plant.


Experienced Personnel Required.

Very Simple to maintain.


Odour is prevalent.

Eliminates Odour in the Plant


Fixed – cannot be moved / changed-The quality of air is not ensured.

Can be rotated to any direction. Sucks air from atmosphere and blows in pure air.

Filter Tank

MS – Chances of Corrosion shortly within Couple of years.

FRP – Longer Life for more than ten years


Cow Dung & Urea –

Not the right kind of microorganisms for digestion and hence Lot of Contaminated Sludge Generation & Disposal issues.

Customized Microorganisms from Biotechnology – for Enhanced Degradation, hence Very Less Sludge and No Odour.

Oil & Grease

Affects & Upsets the plant performance

Oil & Grease eating strains are used – No Problem.

Area Required

Extensive – Mostly Above GL

Compact – Completely Underground

Pumping from One tank to another

Frequent and Multiple point pumping.

Natural Gradient – Hence single point pumping

Septic Tank

Some systems require and treat only the Supernatant

Not Required and all Sewage matter can be treated.